A beginners guide to using a third party fulfilment services centre

Third party fulfilment services

A beginners guide to using a third party fulfilment services centre

Using a third party fulfilment services centre for your ecommerce business is something you should think of sooner rather than later. A modern ecommerce fulfilment centre can handle your warehousing, pick and pack services, shipping, and more.

What’s more, you will enjoy lower shipping rates when you collaborate with a UK Fulfilment centre that handles large shipments on a daily basis and enjoys discounts for doing so.

There are many more benefits to using an outsourced company for warehousing and shipping, and here we list some of the biggest ones to give you some more information:


Higher efficiency, lower costs

Using a fulfilment centre UK for your shipping and warehousing makes sense. Flexible prices mean that you can avoid long leases, your warehousing space will grow with you, and you will never pay for space that you are not using – what could be better than that? Plus, having your goods safely stored in a warehouse with 24 hour surveillance means that you will not need to employ anyone to watch your lockup or warehouse.

As well as this saving, you will no longer need staff to handle your pick and pack services and shipping. Once your business is taking more than a handful of orders each day you will not be able to cope with demand and you will potentially become stressed, make mistakes, and offer a service that is neither professional nor cheap to your customers. This you need to avoid at all costs!

When you leave the pick and pack services of your orders to the professionals, your packaging will look more professional too. The time you will save trying to make your packaging look professional can be poured into marketing, sales, product sourcing, and much more.

As your business grows, you will save more money on your shipments. Large outsourced ecommerce fulfilment services companies have buying power and leverage that you will struggle to achieve. This buying power means lower shipping rates and deliveries every day of the year.

This creates efficiency, which is then passed onto your customers who in turn will turn into repeat customers – it’s a win win situation.


When is the best time to switch to using a fulfilment services centre?

The short answer is as soon as possible. Although you may think that you can handle your own pick and pack services and shipping, the time you spend doing so could be better spent we’re sure.

For example, you could focus your time on engaging with customers or improving your product or service – something that in turn can lead to repeat sales. If you have fluctuating sales throughout the year, a logistics partner will be able to adapt to your needs, providing more space in their warehouse for you when you need it.

If you find your business is growing quickly, trying to handle your own packing and shipping can mean a lack of solid infrastructure for your business. Working from home and having your spare room full of orders will create chaos, and human error. A solid business needs a solid infrastructure, and this can be provided when you choose to outsource your ecommerce order fulfilment needs.

As soon as you are handling more than a few orders each day, an ecommerce order fulfilment centre will be beneficial to you. It will put an end to constant trips to the post office, and hours spent trying to make packages look presentable whilst trying to find your next order from under a pile of boxes in your spare room.

When it comes to outsourcing ecommerce order fulfilment UK, you need to find a reliable fulfilment services partner that can work with you to provide an efficient service that your customers can trust. At Fulfillment Logistics, we always put our customers first, and work with brands from both the UK and across the world. We have lots of experience in working with ecommerce businesses to ensure that they offer their customers the best possible service – and we’d love to help you too!

If you’re looking to work with a new fulfilment centre UK, then get in touch with our friendly team today to find out how we could help manage your ecommerce order fulfilment for you. Contact us by emailing enquiries@fulfillmentlogistics.co.uk or calling 0333 2000 881 – we look forward to hearing from you!

Are you an ecommerce business who has recently started to work with a third party ecommerce order fulfilment centre? Or are you currently thinking about using an ecommerce order fulfilment partner but aren’t sure what steps to take? We’d love to hear about your experience so make sure you leave a comment below to start the conversation.

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