Why context matters for customers’ shopping

As a recent study suggests, how shoppers buy depends on what they are buying. Indeed, a recent report reveals that more than half of UK consumers’ buying patterns change with the item they are purchasing. And there seems to be three key trends for their behaviour. To begin with, if an item is complex the customer will research and make their decision using multiple channels. The second point is that customer service becomes irrelevant for customers when they shop on connected devices. Indeed, they prefer looking up information themselves online rather than asking staff members for advice. Finally, shoppers also expect a more personal level of service when buying an expensive item. For most customers, personalisation should be more relevant and they expect offers and incentives based on previous browsing and buying behaviours. It is therefore very important to look at Fulfillment strategies regarding online shopping.

Fulfillment Strategies: the importance of trust and benefits

A study reveals that consumer attitudes toward online shopping is determined by trust and perceived benefits. It also reveals that higher levels of perceived web quality lead to higher levels of trust in an online shopping website.

As Josie Byrne, account director at Black Pepper Software, perfectly stated: “When developing the customer experience, it’s imperative that businesses take a long-term view, as opposed to just focusing on what consumers need today. A short-term view may fix immediate problems, but it can inhibit long-term innovation, where true competitive advantage lies”.

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Changes in Behaviour

There have been a lot of big changes in the way UK online shoppers shop since 2008. Online retail is growing. Indeed, 77% of people are buying goods or services online in 2017. And 73% of people are accessing the Internet via a mobile phone. This is a growth of 24 percentage points since 2008.

Older people seem to be buying online much more than before. Regarding issues, the most common problems when buying online are slower than expected delivery. And the second most common problem is technical website failures during ordering and payment.

So if you are looking for fulfillment and want a company that cares about online customer experience, contact Fulfillment Logistics today.


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