Customer Service: A Priority for E-Fulfilment

For any business, customer service is a key to success. Unfortunately, recent research revealed that the retail sector received more customer complaints than any other industry in 2016. And this comes with serious consequences, costing retail companies more than £37bn, according to a report from Ombudsman Services. Providing a quality ecommerce experience is very important since there are offers everywhere. If customers have something to complain about, they will not hesitate to go somewhere else. Confusion around product choice, available sizes and unclear pricing seem to be the main complaints for customers. There is a lack of transparency that over-complicates or obstructs the path to purchase. And it is a problem that needs some solving.

Creating the best Ecommerce Experience

Listening to your customers, tailoring your offer to their preferences and getting feedback are therefore very important. Machine learning is a big step for customer service and is expected to boom over the next three years. And marketers are due to invest $2bn by 2020 according to a recent report. A strong connection also exists between speed and satisfaction according to leaders. Indeed, 71% of leading marketers have increased investment in technology that makes site experiences faster.

But to deliver personalized customer experiences, one needs a commitment of time and budget. More than three-quarters of mainstream marketers state that proving return on investment is the main barrier to investing more in personalized experiences. And investing in it is definitely a good option according to most leaders. 90% of organizations that invest in personalized consumers’ experiences agree it significantly contributes to increasing business profitability.

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The Importance and Cost of Knowing

Not knowing the full truth about the Online Customer Experience can have further consequences within a business. For 90% of leaders, it makes planning and decision-making around online marketing activity more difficult. 80% say it makes it harder to justify budget for website design. And 76% struggle to report on website performance. The biggest barrier is the transition to mobile access and its impact on usability and sales. According to research, just one in five retailers can accurately quantify the amount of revenue that is lost through a less than optimal Online Customer Experience.

Web analytics and customer surveys are currently the most useful tools to understand the Online Customer Experience. Indeed, there is a strong interest in analytics, which benefits seem to be cost savings and increasing business agility. On average, businesses only think they know of half of the customer difficulties experienced with their website. Half of customer issues with websites are going undetected and therefore unresolved and it creates a real problem. Organizations now want quantitative data that helps them prioritize what to fix first, qualitative data that gives detail around the User Experience, easy to understand reports on website issues and assurance that websites are meeting compliance requirements.

At Fulfillment Logistics, understanding and adapting to our customers is a priority. So get in touch and enjoy a great ecommerce experience with us!

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