• Pick and Pack

    Our operatives efficiently and accurately pick the required items, SKU scanning out each item to ensure 100% fulfillment accuracy, before carefully and securely packaging the products, ready for dispatch.

Customer Service

At Fulfillment Logistics UK we have a quality-focused, dedicated and highly motivated on-site customer contact team, here to facilitate and support your relationship with us. With a reputation for customer service excellence, our highly professional, polite and enthusiastic team is also the same team your customers will speak to if Fulfillment Logistics UK were providing your Customer Support functions. We are passionate about the services we have developed and company we have created here at Fulfillment Logistics UK and have strong confidence in the Customer Support Functions that we offer.

  • Performance – We believe that our infrastructure performance and stability must be constant in order to provide the best possible service to your customers. We are constantly monitoring and striving to develop our infrastructure to ensure its stability and efficiency. We also share the belief that your customers are our customers and it is only through consistently providing an exceptional customer experience that we can fulfil and exceed your customer’s expectations. We have developed our own quality assessment to ensure that our customer service excellence is maintained, always keeping your customers at the forefront of our processes.
  • Simplicity – We believe in a simplistic, but nonetheless incomparable, approach for you, our client as well as your customers.
  • Efficiency – We know just how important every one of your customers is to you and as such are extremely important to us. We understand that time is valuable for you, our client and also your customers and continuously strive to provide the most efficient and effective service we can.
  • Confidence– We have great confidence in our Customer Service reputation and the exceptional service that we provide. As our client you can also share in this confidence that your customers will always receive a professional, friendly, caring, efficient support experience


Customer Support

At Fulfillment Logistics UK we understand that every company and its customers are individuals and therefore have different requirements. Our multiple customer support services can be customised to exceed the levels of customer support that both you and your customers expect. We will always treat your customers as our own and will always do everything possible to keep your customers happy and loyal to your business.

We are able to adjust to the personality of your business which will enhance personal and customer satisfaction, making your customer feel welcome. A customer service experience can change the entire perception a customer has of an organisation; we will give your customers the best possible experience to maintain a healthy relationship. We will make your business become memorable for all the right reasons.

We believe that this tailored approach is essential to the growth, development and reputation of your company and we understand how vitally important this is for you. Our customer support functions will allow to free up valuable the valuable time you need to focus on the key and essential areas of your business and maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship with your customers. Our continued passion for customer support and forward thinking business functions will ensure you have a successful and beneficial customer support programme which you can rely on and have continued confidence in.

Fulfillment logistics will treat each and every customer in the friendliest and professional manner because once you are part of our vision we will be fully committed to keeping your customers happy, satisfied and loyal to your company. We can fulfil this promise as we only recruit caring people who have a passion for customer service with the willingness to learn. The customer support team are fully equipped with all the necessary tools to guarantee your customers a great and painless experience when dealing with us.

 We have developed tried and tested procedures to ensure that optimum efficiency is achieved.

  • We fully equip our Customer Support Team with all the most up to date tools necessary to continuously deliver outstanding customer support. This includes customised applications, knowledge sharing and ongoing training through our very own intranet training hub, personal development, quality monitoring, and a strong understanding of the ethics, beliefs and business rules of your unique business.
  •  We always ensure our our team is fully informed with knowledge of your company’s products, policies and culture to ensure your company’s ethos is portrayed to the very highest standards.
  •  We have a strong, supportive managerial structure which ensures that your customers and our teams are fully supported, freeing even more of your time and providing support you can rely on.
  •  We have systems and communication pathways in place to ensure your customers can always contact us in the most convenient way for them, be that on the telephone, via email or live web chat.
  •  Our applications are flexible, meaning that we can always integrate our support directly and seamlessly into your existing technology. Our applications have been developed with this in mind and to keep us at the forefront of Customer Service Communications.
  •  It is our aim to dispatch your customers orders within 24 hours, or even quicker, stock levels permitting. Our customer support functions are fully cohesive with this aim and our fulfillment services ensure that Fulfillment Logistics UK provide and timely, efficient and memorable service that you can trust, rely on and have confidence in to both you and your customers.

Ultimately, we combine a wealth of business knowledge and a passion for customer support, with solid client partnerships and fully adaptable technologies to  deliver a seamless, extremely successful and incredibly rewarding customer support  programme.

Customer Service