Simplifying the online shopping experience

As Visa and Paypal are promising simpler cross-channel payments, life is to get simpler for online shoppers. Indeed, many businesses (including Zalando) also declared their intentions of making membership schemes smoother for their customers. According to Johann Davidsson of Distancify, artificial intelligence will make online shopping much easier both for buyers and sellers. And it will also be simpler for customers to access their personal data thanks to the introduction of GDPR legislation. GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation that will be in place on May 25 2018For Fulfillment Online, this also raises questions regarding sales and rights for customers.

Fulfillment Online: A Strategy to increase sales?

Making life easier for customers could be a great way to increase sales. Indeed, when payment is easier, shoppers are more likely to complete the transaction. The same result is also to expect from a simpler membership scheme. Regarding General Data Protection Regulation, it is yet to be seen whether it will also increase sales by making retailers more trustworthy… or not.

In order to create an overall experience that will boost sales, there are also other aspects to consider. Indeed, recognition is an important step. Indeed, remembering your customers’ preferences and catering to their needs with every transaction can really make a difference. It is also essential to personalize their shopping experience and to link real-life events or occasions to shopping in order to create an emotionally driven experience.

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New Rights over Personal Data

According to a study, almost half of UK shoppers plan to exercise new rights over their personal data. Indeed, a third of the people said they would exercise the right to have their data removed by retailers. And another third of people said they would ask retailers to stop using their data for marketing purposes. 41% also said they would be willing to share their basic demographic information while 19% said they would share lifestyle and hobbies information in return for a preferential service or discounts.

According to the study, the 45 to 54-year-old age group is the most likely to take advantage of these new rights. Charles Senabulya, vice president and country manager for SAS UK & Ireland, said that this “presents an opportunity for organisations as they form a new type of relationship with their customers that is bound by integrity, understanding and respect for their individual choices. We are entering a new data era that requires a firm grip of customer data. One that rewards consumers as well as protects their right to privacy.”

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