The place of EU and International sales for the UK

According to a study from IMRG and MetaPack, a greater part of online orders made in the UK are now going to the European Union, in comparison to four years ago. And it also suggests that this is not just happening because the UK is now cheaper. But because the service on offer is good enough to win over non-local customers. And this might also mean that there is hope for a future outside the European Union. Watching how shoppers buy and respond to offers therefore creates enormous benefits. It is therefore important for fulfillment service to adapt to new markets when undertaking expansion.

International Expansion and Online Fulfillment Service

Data suggests that nearly 3 out of 10 orders placed with UK retailers are bound for an EU destination. Chris Hoskin, head of marketing at MetaPack said: “We can see a consistent rise in cross-border orders which over the last three months have all been over 60% of the total. Whilst we could assume that this is to do with sterling and the beneficial prices that overseas consumers are enjoying, we believe it is also part of a wider trend.”

According to retailers for whom international expansion is a key to sustained growth, offering innovative approaches from your own market abroad may be an advantage. At the same time, importing retail strategies from other markets can prove innovative at home. The main point is that retail should adapt and be flexible to the customer demand.

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Some Advice on Strategies to Use

Making shopping easy for customers is an essential point.  In many markets, that means mobile and shoppers downloading a mobile app are likely to be among the most loyal, returning for an easy experience. Using social media to talk to shoppers can also be a great idea. Tailoring messages to local markets, talking to shoppers in their own languages and on the social media platforms these customers use can also have a great effect.

Giving great customer service to customers who have a query or a complaint is also vital. Indeed, the better the customer service, the more likely they are to return to buy another time. Finally, adapting to local needs is capital. Websites have to offer local languages, payments and currencies in overseas markets.

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