DHL Gives Advice on Cross-Border Ecommerce

With the continual evolution of the ecommerce market, businesses need to rapidly respond to growing online demands. New and international markets are much easier to reach. Research shows that £133bn was spent with online UK retailers last year and there is plenty of room for retailers to grow. The changes in shopping habits present huge opportunities for online retailers in terms of Fulfilment Solutions, particularly in the UK. Indeed, the UK, the US and China account for 60% of all cross-border ecommerce supply, but only around 30% of demand. This is good for British Retailers, which is why DHL works closely with companies of all sizes to help them take their products overseas and consider new export destinations.

Some advice on Fulfilment Solutions for Cross-Border Ecommerce

Being clear about the fact that products can be shipped internationally and are accessible to everyone is very important. DHL also advises businesses to give customers the option between standard and express delivery. According to research, businesses that offer a premium express service would grow 1.6 times faster than those that don’t. Not only does the express option increase basket value by as much as 71%, it also drives repeat custom.

Retailers also have to consider their returns option. Indeed, it increases trust and encourages customers to shop more. 72% of customers said they were either “likely” or “somewhat likely” to shop more with a retailer that made the returns process easier. Language and payment options are also very important to make sure that websites are accessible and to keep them on it.

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What to Look Out For

For businesses, the main concern about exporting is that they find the prospect of navigating customs and taxes daunting. But DHL Express offers guidance and resources to make sure that all information is clear. Having a global footprint, DHL offers a unique insight into different markets and how to trade with them. The cost of cross-border logistics can also be a tipping point for an ecommerce business. But it is also about reliability and predictability. For customers, the companies are responsible for ensuring that the products reach them, even if they use a logistics provider. This is why you should always make sure you use a trustworthy and reliable partner. At Fulfillment Logistics, we care a lot about customer satisfaction and only use professional partners that are approved by customers.

All of this makes it very complex for businesses, even more so because they also have to consider returns. Given the costs, customs duties, and documentation, many ecommerce companies are not able to provide cross-border returns. And businesses also have to develop a deep understanding of every new market they reach if they want to be successful in it. But even if Fulfilment Solutions come with challenges regarding Cross-Border Ecommerce, it also offers great opportunities, with plenty of solutions available.

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