Fulfilment Strategies: The Importance of Packaging

The added value of custom packaging is often underestimated. Despite the fact that for an online company is it the most direct connection with your customer. At a time where fast and reliable deliveries are expected from any brand (especially since the creation of Amazon Prime), you need to step up in order to impress your customer. The complete brand experience now extends beyond the product itself. Indeed, a memorable unboxing experience has become a great part of the ordering process.

E-commerce and Packaging: A great marketing tool

According to a survey from Dotcom Distribution, nearly 4 in 10 of young adults would share a photo of an online order on social media if it arrived in a unique, branded packaging. And 52 % of customers are likely to make repeat purchases from a provider that delivers premium packaging. Taking special care of your packaging is therefore a way of building trust and loyalty with your customers.

In the area of e-commerce and online businesses, packaging is a great marketing tool. “The value of premium packaging extends far beyond the customer experience into residual marketing effects. The experience goes beyond the online order to when the customer actually opens the beautifully wrapped package and shares that experience across social networks. That act of online and social recommendations drives loyalty from your customers and promotes brand awareness.” – Maria Haggerty, CEO of Dotcom Distribution.

custom packaging

3rd Party Fulfilment and Custom Packaging

Being an e-commerce business means having fewer opportunities to impress your customers. Which is why the additional value that packaging can bring is so important. If you are using a 3rd party Fulfilment partner, chances are that they might not always be willing to adapt to your needs in terms of packaging. Therefore, you should always speak about this before making any final decision on which partner to use. Sometimes, picking a smaller Fulfilment company can give the chance for more freedom and flexibility.

Custom packaging can vary in many different ways: boxes, stickers, custom notes, samples, gifts or even business cards. If it is an important point to you, make sure you ask your Fulfilment Company about their options and recommendations. You should always prefer quality to prices. Even if the price matters, finding a good fit in your Fulfilment partner is the most important thing. Changing partners constantly is never an easy thing and could slow down your service and disappoint your customers. This is why, before you pick a company to work with, make sure you ask all the right questions! Do not rush; take the time to make an informed, assured decision.

At Fulfillment Logistics, we always work with our clients to ensure that, wherever possible, we use the best packing for them.

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