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Simplifying the online shopping experience

As Visa and Paypal are promising simpler cross-channel payments, life is to get simpler for online shoppers. Indeed, many businesses (including Zalando) also declared their intentions of making membership schemes smoother for their customers. According to Johann Davidsson of Distancify, artificial intelligence will make online shopping much easier both for buyers and sellers. And it will […]

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Order Fulfillment and the Powers of the Warehouse

Warehouses and distribution centres are a key element in the supply chain strategy of growth-oriented organisations. And it is important to reflect on the factors that make them successful and on how to measure their performance. Indeed, in order to drive consistent productivity and efficiency, you need to do some careful monitoring and measurement. But […]

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‘Differentiated’ strategy: a solution to grow online sales

A differentiated marketing strategy is when a company creates campaigns that appeal to at least two market segments or target groups. They can target many more than two segments. For big firms such as Sainsbury’s and Argos, it seems quite obvious that adopting a differentiated strategy worked really well. So we can notice that Online Fulfilment […]

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Retailers and Mobile: Where to Improve?

With mobile becoming the channel of choice for shoppers, it is a key area for any business to be successful. M-commerce is indeed booming as a study reveals that half of US shoppers use Amazon mobile app.  And Alibaba also revealed in its 2017 fiscal year statement that mobile revenue for its e-commerce business increased 80% […]

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The New Challenge of Size and Fit

If 75% of retailers confirmed that they see engagement as a primary objective to drive future growth, many of them also said they do not have all the data necessary to make it happen. Indeed, 8 in 10 retailers do not have access to the basic measurements of their customers. Such key personal data points […]

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The Future of Delivery: A Challenge for Retailers

In a world with such abundance in terms of choice for shops, it is important to get it right. Indeed, when retailers get it wrong, consumers switch off. 90% of consumers have unsubscribed from retailers’ messages in the last year. And delivery fulfillment is all about personalised, humanist touches. According to Katie McQuaid, director of […]

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Innovation and the Future of Retail

Today innovation keeps accelerating, from artificial intelligence to virtual reality. 91% of UK online shoppers are now shopping on Amazon so retailers have to keep up with competition. It is time to innovate in order to be different. For over 1 in 3 shoppers, real-time, personalised offers designed especially for them are important. And when asked about why they […]

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Customer Service: A Priority for E-Fulfilment

For any business, customer service is a key to success. Unfortunately, recent research revealed that the retail sector received more customer complaints than any other industry in 2016. And this comes with serious consequences, costing retail companies more than £37bn, according to a report from Ombudsman Services. Providing a quality ecommerce experience is very important since there […]

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