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Millennials and Dealing with shoppers for Retailers

If one group of the population is particularly problematic for retailers, it is millennials. Not only do they understand technology, they can quickly doubt brands and most concerned with brands that ‘represent’ them. They are also driven by price but are driven more by experience than price and care about the service more than about […]

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A Guide to Picking and Packing

If picking and packing is so important, it is because errors can result in unhappy customers, extra work and extra money. On the other hand, bringing efficiency to the process can result in an increase on processed orders and a lower number of customer service demands. Being efficient in picking and packing can therefore mean […]

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Smart Glasses and the Warehouse

In the warehouse environment, smart glasses are becoming the new standard for logistics, according to DHL Supply Chain. The smart glasses provide visual displays of order picking instructions along with information on where items are and where their place is on a cart. According to the company, it would improve productivity by 15% and create higher accuracy […]

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The Challenge of Data Collection

Even if for years marketers did not prioritise data collection, it is not the case anymore. And that is thanks to the Customer Data Platform (CDP) that brings together the best marketing practices around data. Indeed, the CDP has the same function as the original marketing database but meets today’s marketing needs. If the marketing […]

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Simplifying the online shopping experience

As Visa and Paypal are promising simpler cross-channel payments, life is to get simpler for online shoppers. Indeed, many businesses (including Zalando) also declared their intentions of making membership schemes smoother for their customers. According to Johann Davidsson of Distancify, artificial intelligence will make online shopping much easier both for buyers and sellers. And it will […]

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Order Fulfillment and the Powers of the Warehouse

Warehouses and distribution centres are a key element in the supply chain strategy of growth-oriented organisations. And it is important to reflect on the factors that make them successful and on how to measure their performance. Indeed, in order to drive consistent productivity and efficiency, you need to do some careful monitoring and measurement. But […]

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