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Fulfilment and the Challenge of Customer-centricity

Businesses of all sizes have ambitions to put the customer at the heart of everything they do. Customer-centricity is an organising principle within the business that puts the customer’s experience and satisfaction before organisational structures, convenience or legacy. But customer-centricity can affect retailers’ businesses: they have to overcome challenges. Technology, staff skills, organisational structure and […]

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DHL Gives Advice on Cross-Border Ecommerce

With the continual evolution of the ecommerce market, businesses need to rapidly respond to growing online demands. New and international markets are much easier to reach. Research shows that £133bn was spent with online UK retailers last year and there is plenty of room for retailers to grow. The changes in shopping habits present huge opportunities […]

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Order Fulfilment and Planning for Peak

If retailers today face enormous challenges, it is even worse in times of peak. They have to deliver fast, reliable, 24/7 experiences across multiple devices and they have to get it right immediately. Indeed, Cyber Monday sales rose from £720 million in 2014 to £968 million in 2015. And over £4 billion was spent over […]

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Warehouse Management at the Heart of Retail

If you feel that a warehouse is one part of the business that can be neglected, it shouldn’t be. Indeed, without great fulfilment and warehouse efficiency, efficiency in other areas cannot mean anything. No matter how high-end or low-end a product is. If you cannot deliver it to the customer on time and correctly then it […]

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The Importance of Cross-Device E-commerce

Retailers used to only deal with one marketplace years ago, but that is not the case anymore. Today, shoppers flip between smartphones, laptops, social media, marketplaces and physical stores very quickly. For retailers, neglecting mobile is not an option anymore. Cross-Chanel and Cross-Device e-commerce is therefore more important than ever. For Fulfillment Solutions to work, they […]

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Creating smart E-Fulfilment Services for Customers

Delivery and Fulfilment used to be simply one part of the ecommerce experience. But a new demand from customers for better, more intelligent delivery emerged. Now consumers expect to buy online with speed, flexibility and to change their mind at any moment. Not only do they want smooth, fast and reliable deliveries, they also expect […]

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Fulfilment Strategies: The Importance of Packaging

The added value of custom packaging is often underestimated. Despite the fact that for an online company is it the most direct connection with your customer. At a time where fast and reliable deliveries are expected from any brand (especially since the creation of Amazon Prime), you need to step up in order to impress your customer. […]

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