‘Differentiated’ strategy: a solution to grow online sales

A differentiated marketing strategy is when a company creates campaigns that appeal to at least two market segments or target groups. They can target many more than two segments. For big firms such as Sainsbury’s and Argos, it seems quite obvious that adopting a differentiated strategy worked really well. So we can notice that Online Fulfilment is successful with a Differentiated strategy. Indeed, Sainsbury’s Online grocery sales grew by 8%. Chief executive Mike Coupe even said: “We have delivered a strong performance, driven by our differentiated strategy, offering customers quality, value and choice across food, general merchandise, clothing and financial services. Groceries online sales grew by eight per cent and convenience delivered strong growth of ten per cent, in line with our strategy of being there for customers whenever and wherever they want to shop.”

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Online Fulfilment: What do customers really want?

According to a recent survey, customers’ expectations are rising faster every day. And it makes it very difficult for companies to keep up. According to a Forrester research, nearly 95% of leaders say providing a good customer experience is their top strategic priority. And what customers want is a very personalized experience. But they also want a lot of options to contact the customer service team. Those teams should also be knowledgeable, kind, helpful and provide a seamless and agile communication.

For customers, to maintain a regular contact is also very important but it necessitates to know your customers better. Indeed, contact should happen about information that are relevant to your customers, at a time that is convenient and using their favourite channels. It is also essential to ask for feedback and to respond to it efficiently in order to preserve relationships. Finally, it is indispensable to provide timely and efficient services. Whether it concerns the delivery or questions that customers might have, companies have to be quick. According to the survey, it is therefore capital to train customer representatives properly and to give them all the control that they need to be efficient.

Who are the new winners of customer satisfaction?

According to a survey, the biggest companies for customer satisfaction include Amazon, Specsavers, Waitrose, John Lewis, New Look and Aldi. Argos is not far behind as they have recently moved towards taking delivery of their products as quickly as possible. Indeed, they launched their Fast Track delivery and collection services, enabling timed and same-day order fulfilment.

And at Fulfilment Logistics, we care a lot about customer satisfaction, which is why we always give our best to our customers. Contact us today for more information.


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