Millennials and Dealing with shoppers for Retailers

If one group of the population is particularly problematic for retailers, it is millennials. Not only do they understand technology, they can quickly doubt brands and most concerned with brands that ‘represent’ them. They are also driven by price but are driven more by experience than price and care about the service more than about the technology. All these contradictions mean that the changing technology around retail has given shoppers a lot of choices in how they shop. And for online order fulfillment, the challenge is to provide what they want to every shopper.

Online Order Fulfillment and the Complexity of Shoppers

For retailers, that changing technology also means for them that they have many areas to work and improve on. Delivering the in-store technology, catering to the demands of the mobile luxury shopper or working enough on VR is also very important. The more comparisons are made about different types of shoppers though and the more something seems to appear: we may all be moving to shopping in the same ways. We are sometimes driven by cost, sometimes by brand, sometimes by social, sometimes by experience.

And this is why retailers need to be on top with all these areas at the same time.  According to research, mobiles and tablets might replace computers soon and are no longer a Generation X and millennial thing. As a consequence, retailers might need to stop grouping shoppers by age or sex but to realize that they need categories such as location, context, convenience and mood of the shopper.

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The role of mobile, loading times and content

For millennials, opting for mobile shopping is a must. And for mobile users, poor load times are the biggest turn off. Since content is key, brands must deliver relevant content to those pages where user engagement is at its highest.

And in the luxury market, brands need to trigger, inspire and stimulate user engagement to justify prices. According to a study, Millennials are responsible for more than $65 billion in spending power in the US. But this group can create problems to retailers since their behaviour is quite different from previous generations. So if you need some help with online order fulfillment, contact Fulfillment Logistics today.


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