Online Order Fulfilment: How to Increase Brand Engagement?

In a world where there are more retailers than ever, it can get quite competitive for retailers to create brand engagement. Online Order Fulfilment is more common and challenging. In order to build serious relationships, it seems to be a good idea to create regular contact. E-mail platform provider Bronto says that retailers see strong conversion rates when they send regular e-mails to their customers. Welcome e-mails, abandoned basket e-mails and key dates messages, such as birthday messages, work really well.

Online Order Fulfilment and Emotional Engagement

Connecting with their customers on many different social media channels also seems to be a good strategy. Even if E-mails and Facebook are customers’ favourite channels of communication, reaching out to customers on Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest is a great idea for niche markets and topics. Useful advice and great content are also one of the main focuses to increase customer loyalty.

Dipanjan Chatterjee talks about brands that develop emotional connections to become an important part of everyday life. ‘The best brands create experiences, communities and engagement opportunities that make them an irreplaceable part of their users’ lives’, he says. In many ways, it is about creating an experience for the customer that goes well beyond the physical product.

online order fulfilment

The Data Challenge

Focusing on customers means that businesses need to understand these customers in far more details than ever before. This means that retailers now have to collect customers’ data and to use it in order to improve their shopping experience.

As Shop Direct deputy CEO Gareth Jones says: ‘As part of our strategy to become a world class digital retailer, we want to develop insight from data analysis to create a more personalised experience at every stage of the customer journey’.

For companies, it is about making big corporations feel personal. Online Analytics makes it possible to make recommendations based on all the information, ratings, reviews and inventory. Data analysis is no longer segmented. It is a complete analysis, assessing each customer’s needs, personalising and making individual offers. And smaller Fulfilment Companies would definitely help to bring that personal touch to customers.


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