The Challenge of Data Collection

Even if for years marketers did not prioritise data collection, it is not the case anymore. And that is thanks to the Customer Data Platform (CDP) that brings together the best marketing practices around data. Indeed, the CDP has the same function as the original marketing database but meets today’s marketing needs. If the marketing database was designed for direct mail only, the CDP, on the other hand, enables the marketer to merge all forms of data. It is therefore perfect for the multi-channel world when the marketing database only worked for the direct marketing world. For order fulfillment, compiling the best data has a lot of positive applications.

Order Fulfillment: The aim of Customer Data Platforms

David Raab, head of Raab associates, defines a CDP according to three main features. The marketer must control it, and it must support external marketing and contain a consistent, cross-channel customer data. In the UK, 61% of time spent browsing is via a mobile phone. So it is very important to identify mobile browsers and to know who the person behind the device is.

And obviously, the main purpose of a CDP is that it is a source of knowledge and understanding. From data collection, we generate insight and can create cohort analysis, retention analysis, lifetime value analysis, as well as campaign reporting.

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Predictive Analytics and Market research

One of the greatest parts of the CDP is its predictive analytics and machine learning. When combining transactional and behavioural data with multichannel engagement, we can market specifically to a customer and get the best outcome.

Thanks to the CDP, it is now possible to get the most accurate data and therefore to get the most accurate targeting. Grouping the customer data on a single database creates deeper customer understanding. And more data on top of greater data accuracy means better segmentation.

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