Order Fulfillment and the Powers of the Warehouse

Warehouses and distribution centres are a key element in the supply chain strategy of growth-oriented organisations. And it is important to reflect on the factors that make them successful and on how to measure their performance. Indeed, in order to drive consistent productivity and efficiency, you need to do some careful monitoring and measurement. But one also needs to fully understand the definitions and differences between productivity and efficiency. Efficiency is the ability to produce something with a minimum of wasted time and effort, whereas productivity is how much a resource or team generates in multiple ways. And for Order Fulfillment to work, all of these elements must be understood and controlled as much as possible.

Order Fulfillment: Understanding Warehouse Performance

On the contrary to an individual or team performance, warehousing contains the overall performance of a facility. And in order to evaluate it, you need to understand the lifecycle of goods in your warehouse and how each process interacts. Understanding and mitigation are keys and should lead to either accepting and incorporating an improvement or understanding and mitigating a problem.

According to Mark Farrell, Logistics Manager for Comfy Quilts, the most important thing is to be able to evolve to meet the needs of all. Customer serviceability, utilisation, accuracy and cost are the most useful metrics. But things can easily get difficult and it is essential not to underestimate any aspect of the business. Indeed, for him, reverse logistics is just as important as outbound logistics.

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Choosing between RF data collection and Warehouse Management Systems

RF data collection software reduces the risks of errors related to paper-based tasks. But WMS presents real value in its data collection and driving activity. Indeed, a WMS allows you to optimise the stock, space and resources in your warehouse. Other advantages of WMS include improved labour optimisation, better-organised inventory, reduced administration and paperwork and comprehensive returns management.

Many people comparing RF data collection and WMS find it similar to comparing an old cell phone to a current smartphone. WMS are more efficient as they allow you to cut down on travel time across your warehouse. It also links documents and maximises the recovery value from returned items thanks to a streamlined return operation.

So if you value performance and efficiency, visit Fulfillment Logistics today. We also take pride in our services and always put our clients’ satisfaction first.


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