Order Fulfilment and Planning for Peak

If retailers today face enormous challenges, it is even worse in times of peak. They have to deliver fast, reliable, 24/7 experiences across multiple devices and they have to get it right immediately. Indeed, Cyber Monday sales rose from £720 million in 2014 to £968 million in 2015. And over £4 billion was spent over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend in 2015 and this was estimated to top £5 billion in 2016. Therefore, for order fulfilment to run smoothly, retailers have to prepare for anything. And they have to give their customers the best experience possible.

Order Fulfilment and the new dimension of Peak

According to Aberdeen Group research, after only 3 seconds, 40% of users will abandon all mobile and desktop websites. That means that retailers have to be efficient and to provide great User Experience immediately to be successful. For Amazon that continuously monitors, measures, collects, keeps, and exploits information about every user experience, we should use data to perpetually improve.

If peak used to mean a rush of sales in the run up to Christmas, it has now evolved and means something different. The Christmas peak is now going over a month. Besides, other days such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Summer Holidays and Halloween are now peak too. Peak is no longer triggered by a special event; it happens every time the marketing department does something.

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The Importance of a good User Experience

For British retailers, enabling customers to interact with the website is very important. 91% of them offer product recommendations, 67% product reviews and 64% product ratings. A highly relevant use of product search that offers suggestions and alternative recommendations is more and more common. Navigational filters that enable customers to drill down by price, brand and product type and to share products on social media are part of great user experiences. Navigating with ease and exploring the products are two of the main preoccupations for customers shopping online today. So these are the challenges for retailers.

But knowing your customers is probably the first step of providing a great User Experience. Understanding what your users like and how they interact with websites is crucial to build an experience that is custom targeted to them. Building an appealing design is very important as well. But it should always be in line with your industry and products.

At Fulfillment Logistics, we understand how important Peak periods and User experiences are. And that is why they are in our top priorities for our business and for our clients’ order fulfilment.

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