Smart Glasses and the Warehouse

In the warehouse environment, smart glasses are becoming the new standard for logistics, according to DHL Supply Chain. The smart glasses provide visual displays of order picking instructions along with information on where items are and where their place is on a cart. According to the company, it would improve productivity by 15% and create higher accuracy rates. They would also like to expand it to other parts of the business to help with applications beyond smart picking. The benefits could indeed expand into any hands-on task within the enterprise. And for the Order Fulfillment Process, this could be a real benefit.

Order Fulfillment Process and Productivity

Giving workers hands-free, digital information, they eliminate the need for barcode scanners and paper documents to be more productive. Picking is an area where mistakes can be costly and detrimental to efficiency. But the technology has been producing the best ROI.

“Customers have been very happy about the productivity gains and are equally excited about using innovative technology at their warehouses,” said Markus Voss, chief information officer and chief operating officer at DHL Supply Chain.

order fulfillment process

Pros and Cons For Smart Glasses

The new generation of smart glasses even features a microphone and audio link, an embedded digital camera, geolocation capability, and more. And they can also be useful for exception management, inventory, warehouse training programs and receiving goods.

Even if 75% of the industry is looking to adopt this technology in the warehouse within six to 10 years, some are still reluctant to it. Indeed, current rates of adoption are far behind at just 26%. For most companies, the major barrier is the lack of a clear business case to justify the cost. According to a study, augmented reality (AR) would be the most promising for the logistics industry. Eric Abbruzzese, a senior analyst with ABI Research, explained: “A warehouse is busy but well planned out. So you can outfit employees with AR to improve their efficiency and reduce errors. You can eliminate paper requirements, error check, make sure they’re picking the right packages, and do it all autonomously in the headset.”

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