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Customer Service: A Priority for E-Fulfilment

For any business, customer service is a key to success. Unfortunately, recent research revealed that the retail sector received more customer complaints than any other industry in 2016. And this comes with serious consequences, costing retail companies more than £37bn, according to a report from Ombudsman Services. Providing a quality ecommerce experience is very important since there […]

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Ecommerce Fulfillment Companies : When Not to Outsource

Ecommerce fulfillment companies provide flexibility, value for money, and a high level of professionalism. So, is 3rd party fulfillment the answer for everyone? Or are there some exceptions to the rule where handling your own warehousing, picking, and packing will provide better results. The fact is that there is no single solution that is perfect […]

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Tips for turning Customers into Repeat Customers

Ecommerce fulfilment services is just one thing that you need to get right when running a successful online business. Another (and possibly the most important thing when talking about your long term success), is the ability to turn customers into repeat customers. Repeat customers are not just loyal – they spend more, and therefore they […]

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