Things to keep in mind when choosing a package for warehouse fulfilment

Things to keep in mind when choosing a package for warehouse fulfilment

Choosing a package for warehouse fulfilment

For most successful ecommerce businesses that start operating on a small scale, warehouse fulfilment and fulfilment services are something that becomes essential once you outgrow that spare room at home. Although it might have been the most convenient option for you when you first started operating, besides the errors that you can make when all your products are crammed into a room in your house, a professional warehouse can provide many more features that you will not be able to take advantage of when you operate pick and pack services yourself.

Not only is a warehouse a safe and secure environment for your ecommerce order fulfillment, but all your products will be scanned and you will be able to check-in on your inventory at any time from a mobile device – giving you total peace of mind that your products are in safe and reliable hands. Therefore you will have much more time available to focus on the important things for your ecommerce business too, such as providing your customers with an excellent service that they can trust.

If your ecommerce business is looking to work with a new warehouse fulfilment centre UK partner, but you’re unsure how to choose a flexible package that best suits your needs, then read on to find out the things that you need to consider.

Warehouse fulfillment for new businesses

Once your ecommerce operations are too big for your own home and you are handling more than a few orders each day, you will definitely need a warehouse to store your products in. A mistake that many business owners make when this situation occurs is choosing to rent an expensive lockup or individual warehouse in order to store their goods. However not only is this is costly, but there will be no security (unless you pay even more,) and it is likely that you will not fill all the space that you are paying for either – meaning you could really be wasting your money.

What you need is an ecommerce fulfillment services warehouse space that grows with you and your business. This means expanding at busy times such as the Christmas period, but with no obligation to continue with a larger storage space in the New Year, giving you total flexibility as a result.

What you may not already realise is that flexible warehouse order fulfillment UK packages are widely available for new businesses, and that there are many third party logistics and fulfillment companies out there that cater especially for new businesses and ecommerce owners and understand their needs well. We’re sure that knowing that you will only be charged for the space you need will be a huge help when you are trying to juggle your finances and will help you to focus on growing your business instead.

Pick and pack services

When you choose a flexible ecommerce fulfillment UK package for your ecommerce business, you will not only be able to take advantage of the most modern warehousing facilities and lower shipping rates, but your packages will be managed via professional pick and pack services and they will arrive at their destination in record time too – we’re sure your customers will be big fans of that!

Running an ecommerce business does not come hand in hand with being able to pack objects, or organise shipping and returns – it does not mean that you should do everything yourself. These are skills that you should leave to those who know best – you should rely on the ecommerce fulfillment services experts instead! As a consumer, a professionally picked and packed item will always looks better than something wrapped by hand. Once you are handling more than a few orders each day, it is important that you keep your shipping prices and your packages at the same rate, which means using a third party logistics company who can pick, pack, store, and ship your goods for you.

Flexible packages

Ensuring that there is flexibility in the fulfillment services package you choose for your business is so important for your success in ecommerce. For example, paying for too much space that you do not need will cost you highly, and you may end up losing your business altogether due to not being able to balance your books. However, having a professional warehousing facility is necessary for your growing business in order to be able to manage your inventory and orders effectively. Computerized warehouses do not make mistakes – they are safe, they are secure, and they can ensure that all your products and orders reach their destination on time, wrapped professionally, and with the very lowest shipping rates.

Overall, it’s vital that you ensure that the package you choose meets your needs as an ecommerce business, whether you are new or established. The third party fulfillment services provider that you choose should work with you to understand your situation and your requirements, before putting together a tailored packaged that will work best for you.

When it comes to warehouse fulfilment packages it’s important that you find a reliable fulfilment services partner that will understand your needs and work with you to provide a package that offers the best solution for your business. At Fulfillment Logistics, we always put our customers first, and work with brands from both the UK and across the world. We have lots of experience in working with ecommerce businesses to provide them with affordable warehouse space – and we’d love to help you too!

If you’re looking to work with a new warehouse fulfilment provider, then get in touch with our friendly team today to find out how we could help your business grow and operate more efficiently. Contact us by emailing or calling 0333 2000 881 – we look forward to hearing from you!

Are you an ecommerce business who has recently started using a new warehouse fulfilment provider? What difference has it made to your business? What have you learned? We’d love to hear about your experience so make sure you leave a comment below to start the conversation.

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