A Guide to Picking and Packing

If picking and packing is so important, it is because errors can result in unhappy customers, extra work and extra money. On the other hand, bringing efficiency to the process can result in an increase on processed orders and a lower number of customer service demands. Being efficient in picking and packing can therefore mean saving money and creating business efficiency as you need fewer hours and staff to process an order. There are four essential steps to the process: receiving, picking, packing and shipping the orders. As 70% of labour time when processing an order goes to picking the products, it is the part where efficiency is welcome. So in order to optimise your warehouse fulfillment, read our guide on picking and packing.

Warehouse Fulfillment: Organisation in the warehouse

In order to maximise efficiency, you need to do some work in the warehouse. Investing time and money upfront will therefore save valuable time every day. According to a recent survey, 20% of all products generate 60% of all sales. For that reason, it is important to place the best-selling stock as close to the packing desks as possible.

It is also critical to know where any product is in the warehouse. As a result, creating location names for products can be a good idea. Barcodes also help reduce human error as they help ensuring that you are picking the right products.

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Choosing the best picking method

There are quite a few different ways to pick your orders. But they are not all efficient. Indeed, 60% of their time, pickers are walking around the warehouse. There are four main picking methods: single order, batch, zone and wave. The single order consists in pick one order at a time. Although flexible, it can cause inefficiencies when there are a lot of orders.

Batch picking means that you assign someone a batch consisting of X numbers of orders, pick them all in one go and then return them to a packing desk. It is very effective if most of your orders are single item orders, as it will reduce the amount of walking. In zone picking, each person is allocated an area of the warehouse, so they only pick products located in that specific area. Finally, wave picking is similar to zone picking but all zones pick at the same time. It is ideal for multi-item orders.

Finally, once your products are ready to be packed and shipped to your customers, make sure of a few things. The items should be put into an appropriately-sized box and be packaged so they are protected in transit. You should also weigh the box, print the invoice, print the shipping label, mark the order as shipped and notify the customer that their order has been shipped.

So if you need some warehouse fulfillment, contact Fulfillment Logistics today.


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