• Pick and Pack

    Our operatives efficiently and accurately pick the required items, SKU scanning out each item to ensure 100% fulfillment accuracy, before carefully and securely packaging the products, ready for dispatch.

Why Choose Fulfillment Logistics UK LTD

At Fulfillment Logistics UK Ltd it began with a goal; to make order fulfillment easy and affordable for all businesses, however large or small. To help make that goal a reality we have to be approachable, flexible and offer a premier service that our clients felt comfortable and happy with, knowing that with our help, their business would grow and go from strength to strength.

We understand the role and our responsibilities as a fulfillment company to help our clients’ achieve growth for their business. This is the main reason why we continually strive to be among the most exceptional fulfillment companies. We know the difference our premier fulfillment service can make to your business and we want you to experience it for yourself.

If you are a small or large business thinking there aren’t enough hours in the day, wrestling against the clock then you will appreciate the convenience of having a wide range of supply chain options available to you with one point of contact. Everything from warehousing, call centre support to custom built systems we represent the true meaning of being the whole package.

Here at Fulfillment Logistics UK Ltd we want our clients to have peace of mind. To enable this, we guarantee to pick and pack your orders right first time or we will put it right at our expense.

We want to be at your side as your business grows; we are here to stay and we work with you to ensure a sensible, suitable, achievable approach to business growth.


What We Offer

  • No minimum requirements 
  • No long-term storage fees
  • No long term contract
  • No sneaky or hidden fees
  • Clean and secure 19,000+ sq. ft. warehouse
  • Accuracy rate is one of the highest in the industry 
  • Our processes and technology is easy to understand
  • We are responsive, knowledgeable and honest

By combining our fulfillment services with our secure, easy-to-use order fulfillment software, our clients have the time to run their businesses, and the technology to make it easy.

Our responsive Fulfillment Control Panel system allows you to:

  • Check inventory levels 
  • Monitor inventory, orders and shipments
  • Forecast inventory needs
  • Receive inventory alerts
  • Manage returns
  • View backorders 
  • View invoices
  • Manage shopping cart integrations
  • View tracking information 
  • Is multi device friendly
  • And much more

And our fulfillment software continues to evolves its features and functions to meet our clients requirements, not just our own – you don’t get that with a regular off-the-shelf solution!

For more information about Fulfillment Logistics UK Ltd and what we can do for your business, Contact Us today!